Tannie & Tannie: The play.

Tannie & Tannie is a new play by Claudine Bennent. Performed by Claudine Bennent and Melanie Crawley. Directed by Sarah Spencer.

“we are treated to mesmeric immersive storytelling delivered by Bennett and her co performer Melanie Crawley.” – Deborah Egan O.B.E, Director – DINA Venue

“Poignant, funny, sad, interesting and intriguing. Really well written and beautifully performed.” – Tim Holmes, Director – Festival 23

Tannie & Tannie is a warm-hearted tale of ordinary, hard working people faced with the most difficult decision of their lives. Set in rural South Africa, it tells the story of two ‘Tannies’ (Afrikaans for ‘aunties’), storytellers of their community who are forced to leave their home of many decades to take their chances in the wilderness on a ‘trek’ – a journey that echoes the Great Trek of South African settlers in the 1800’s as well as every mass migration since and every potential human displacement in the future. 

Tannie and Tannie are the storytellers of the town. Their place in the world – once strong and flat and stable – has become riddled with earthquakes and water that bursts into flame. They tell the audience about the community they once knew having crumbled as people have fled and those left behind have descended into desperation. 

You’ll join the Tannies at midnight as they attempt to finish their packing and as they try to decide where to go while mourning the loss of the lives and memories they must leave behind. Before they go, there’s just time for a story or two about ghosts and gods and the bleddy British, then, off they’ll go on their trek. But. Not every trek can be a Great Trek.

The play is suitable for all although there is some swearing and it is not aimed specifically at children.



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